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April 29th, 2009, 12:51 AM
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My thoughts are that it is hyped up, but it is definitely still something to worry about. Especially for me because of my asthma. I don't take maintenance meds for it because of how they affect me, but I am considering calling my doctor and getting a steroid inhaler for possible infection. I had pneumonia as a child. NOT fun. I agree with Heather that I think swine flu is already here. My SIL and nephew got the flu and SIL got pneumonia as well. My BIL- different family, but exposed- got really sick with the flu as well. Anyway, I think we need to be cautious and careful and if we get the flu- take very good care of ourselves. Drink fluids, eat healthy, etc. So right now my best defense is my offense and that will be making sure I have meds, fluids in my house in case I am too sick to leave, etc. and hopefully this will not be as bad as they are saying it will be.
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