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March 23rd, 2006, 07:01 AM
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My temper is ready to fly at work. Ok most mornings I'm alone in the kitchen working. I don't know to many staff from the other depts. Well it seems when outside calls come in for staff in other depts. If the desk person does not know them. They automatically trasferr the call to the kitchen. Why do they always assume us food service people know everyone and where they are at all times. I don't know them. Tuesday some call comes in. Is Katrina there. I sa id I don't know a ny Katrina. You need to call the front desk number back. Tell them they need to be transferred to the assisted living building. As there is a Trina that is a CNA up there. But no Katrina that I know of. Well that call comes back again to the kitchen. I was now angery, Sort of rudely said I didn't know the person or where they are. This happens all the time. Or tjhe front desk will assume food service is never busy working. They'll call to have one of us let in a driver for a delivery that's not food related. One week they call saying can run down to the garage and let in a delivery. Someone ordered a tv. I said no. They tell me well maintenance is busy. I said rudely. Well so is the food service. I am alone with lots of work going on now. I never went down to let them in. If it's a food delivery. Then that's different it's my job to deal with it. But not for other depts I won't. Tuesday I was ready to rip the phone out of the wall. I told my supervisor this. She agreed with me also. Why is it they assume food service can handle everything. Or they know everything.
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