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April 29th, 2009, 12:13 PM
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Yes, Jo would be a tremendous help here!

I would not worry yet. She had a speech delay that affected when she started learning. That makes a big difference.

My son is 5.5 and he had a speech delay that was corrected with a year of speech therapy when he was age 2-3. At 3, I felt behind because he was just learning to talk and other kids were starting preschool. That is what encouraged me to homeschool him. NOW, he is speaking better than most 9 year olds, gets compliments on his speech all the time and his pronunciation and articulation. He is also reading well now and has not only caught up, but far exceeded his public school peers. Your daughter may very well do the same. She may start reading "Cat" and then in a span of a month jump to chapter books once it clicks. Each kid is different and learns at their own pace. Keep working with her and helping her. She will eventually get it.

If she has not been evaluated for other delays (i.e. dysgraphia which can affect speech AND reading), then you may want to do that too.
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