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April 29th, 2009, 09:09 PM
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Thank you everyone. She can write well, and her hand writing is right on track. She can ask someone how to spell their name, and just from memory of them telling her, she will remember how to write it days, or weeks later. My only other concern is that she puts MANY letters backwards. I had wondered if maybe she was Dyslexic. We had also suspected when she was younger she may be 'slightly' Autistic, which I doubt now but at the time I was going to have her tested, I actually thought when we started speech therapy they might mention it but they didnt, and after therapy she just BLOOMED.

She became a totally different child. Her speech equiv. when she was first evaluated at the pathology center was 3yrs 0 mos.
When we ended, she was right in her age range. During speech, we agreed we didnt want to over load her, so instead of working on letter sounds, we worked on books with repeating phrases, to help her speak. Although she still stutters (which hurts her when trying to sound out letters) it's more under control now, so that unless there is alot going on, or she is very excited she can control it enough.

I'm going to look into the Leapfrog dvds as mentioned. She has a Mickey Mouse Phonics computer game, that I have noticed she seems to 'get' more now, she's not just guessing. we just very recently finished closing our garage in, to make a homeschool room. So, my hope is that with the new room and less distractions from brother lol she will be able to focus, and pick it up soon. If not, then oh well. I know she will eventually.

It's just hard to hear comments from others, about why she cant read yet, even though she is SO smart. Speaking to her you would never know she's just 7 (aside from her size,she's itty bitty!) She's self conscious about not being able to read and wants to SOOOO badly. My heart just breaks for her.

Thanks everyone.
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