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April 30th, 2009, 05:30 PM
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I would put my foot down and say no. Mostly because he changing her mind like that means that SHE is torn too.

I told my kids, "we are a homeschooling family and THAT is THAT." Bryce has found things he loves about homeschooling, as well as things he doesn't love. But, that is life.

If your dd was working in a job, she couldn't go back and forth and constantly change her mind. Especially for the upcoming year, I would tell her that she had her chance, made her decision and you will re-evaluate that at the end of next school year.

As for the 6 y/o. Tough cookies. If she has never been to ps, then she is just along for the ride with her big sis. She is not old enough, IMO, to even try and make that choice.
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