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April 30th, 2009, 07:56 PM
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Hi! My name is Cecilia (some call me "cec") and I'm from Baltimore Md. I'm 42 and am VERY unexpectedly expecting #2! We had my son in June 2000 and I had a very complicated infection resulting from the birth. AS a result, I have some permanent damage "down there" and supposedly was un-able/not=recommended that I get pregnant again. So,w e did nothing for 6-7 yrs. A new dr (and 6-7 yrs of healing) changed smoe things and it became ok for us to try and have another baby. We tried for 1 yr with no success. Gave up the idea (I was 40 by than) and so we let it drop. Last July, I found out I was pregnant! We were over the moon. However, that pregnancy ended in m/c at 8 wks. We REALLY were done than!!
Fast forward to last tuesday night (the 21st). I had a dream and in it, my dh said "you're going to get pregnant again and you're going to miscarry again". Weird. I never remember my dreams but this one I did. Since my period was due that day (weds) and I had a left over preggy test, I took it. Well, guess what? It was POSITIVE!
So, while I am not horribly supersticious, I am a bit sketched out by the dream (the miscarriage part) and so we haven't announced it to anyone. Plus, I 42 now. So, I'm very causious about getting too excited yet. I'm doing the HCG draws now....1st result 174, 2nd result 990 (4 days later) and my third draw was this morning (results tomorrow). I'll let you know.

So, that's me. What about you? Who's preggo? How old are you? (are you as scared as me???) Where are you all from?

You can ask me anything also...looking *hopefully* forward to hanging with you girls

3rd beta results are 24dpo they afre now 2022!
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