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May 1st, 2009, 07:14 PM
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I realized I havent written here for awhile now. So, I Od on Sunday according to FF but, I have a feeling I could have Od the day before or the day after...I mean who really knows. My temps have been very low this month which is strange for me expecially since this is my 3rd cycle and my 1st two I was triphasic. Ive gotten my lowest temps ever this cycle. And Im almost hoping, that because this cycle has been so different, that its because Im going to be prego and that its not a bad thing this time, to have a low temp.
Ive suddenly got a REAL appetite. Which was very sudden because over the weekend I couldnt really eat much of anything. Then today, Ive just been constantly eating ALL day. Which is VERY strange because...well. Because of being sick with who knows what(drs dont know whats up yet) and aching and such, it had taken my appetite away for months which actually caused me to loose weight. So I started forcing myself to eat normal, even though food made me want to gag after a couple of bites. Now Im eating a normal amount PLUS some. Today I went to my parents house to hang out cause I was sick of hanging at my house and my dad just happened to take the day off. So we decided to make a photography trip to the zoo. I will probably come back and post a couple of pictures that I caught there. Anyways, on our way to the zoo we stopped and ate at carls jr. I ate a full medium size meal, plus the last third of my dads chili dog. I have NO idea how I ate that much food!!! I really hope this is a sign....and its making me think that I may have ovulated a day before FF says because that would make me 6 DPO which would make more sense with the appetite(if Im prego). But I am trying not to get my hopes up like I have been. But I am more hopefuly this month than last month. This month we used the preseed and only missed one day of our 5 day window. So Im farely confident that Im making it this month. And if not, I wont mind having a valentines 2010 baby either! Anywho, wish me luck and send me baby dust cuz Im hopeful this month!!!

Oh I forgot to mention that. I suddenly feel AMAZING.....Ive been aching all the time lately. And though I am a little sore from walking at the zoo if I had tried doing that last week I probably would have collapsed and I definately wouldnt have been able to drive myself back home afterwards. BUT I could drive today!! YAY! These are all very good signs for me. Ive read a lot of women who have medical issues, feel better when they are prego, almost like the disease(or whatever it is) hides. Im looking forward to a 9 month break from the horrible body aches. Lets hope this is our month!!

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