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May 2nd, 2009, 06:51 AM
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what antibody test did he do for you? was it just a generalized or specific test? if he tested your anti-ds dna, anti ro or anti la antibodies and they came back positive there is a good chance you have lupus. testing positive to one of these antibodies fits one part of the 11 diagnostic criteria for lupus. in lupus, your rbc and hct would be low but your wbc should be higher than normal, showing that your white blood cells are on the attack. your protein levels, mostly your c3 and c4 would be lower than normal,not higher. i don't know what a gran # is.

ultimately it is up to a rheumatologist to diagnose lupus, have you been referred out to one? you do have alot of the symptoms, with anemia, mouth sores, positive ana and sore joints but only a rheumatologist can decide if they are indicative of lupus or something else. i would definitely go to a specialist and make sure that is what you have.

even though lupus isn't considered "genetic" there seems to be some link there. so if your sister has it then you just might have it. my aunt had lupus and i was just diagnosed with it in the past year. my husband's aunt has discoid lupus (affects skin, hair and joints) and her daughter just was diagnosed also.

i wish you the best of luck and i hope you get answers soon! kup!

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