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May 2nd, 2009, 10:58 AM
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After the disapointment of being so sure last cycle was IT I am wondering - shall I chart up to ovulation this cycle so I can keep an eye on my luteal phase length or shall I not chart at all and see how that goes? I won't have a clue if we have done it at the right time (although I am hoping we get to bed every other day from CD10 onwards). I was thinking I could just mark something like CD40 on my chart (my cycle is between 24 and 30 days long) so maybe I can just forget about it and it will either come or not come and I might suddenly look at the calendar and go 'oh my, AF didn't come, better test' lol - like it'll be that easy! But you know - do I go for peace of mind in charting or the hope of not obsessing and not getting my hopes up by not charting?

JO xxx
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