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May 2nd, 2009, 09:42 PM
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Hi there,

I felt that I needed another JustMommies board to jibber jabber on.

Tough, natural-birthing Mommy here. I am Veann, twenty-five this month, wife to Matthew (twenty-nine in June) and Mommy to Lucius (eleven weeks). Lucius was born in a midwife-assisted freestanding birth center birth after forty-two weeks plus three days of pregnancy. He is our firstborn, but we plan on having three to five more children with our same midwife at home instead of the birth center. We had a beautiful and perfect birth. Even though I had planned to give birth in the pool, I ended up using a birthing stool. I will post my novel of a birth story up in the Birth Stories section up top.

I chose a natural birth about five to six months in to the pregnancy. I watched The Business of Being Born and it just resonated with me. I hadn't thought of any of the issues that the movie brought up. I had just always been led to believe that babies should be born in hospitals with OBGYNs and nurses attending. I had feared the possibility of needing a C-Section already and learning that it could become a probability due to the domino effect after the epidural, I wanted no part in the whole hospital procedure. After the painstaking efforts and great care I put into being healthy during my pregnancy of avoiding caffeine, food coloring, MSG, all pharmaceuticals and really anything else myself or my husband felt MIGHT be harmful to our unborn son; it really just did not make sense to pump the little guy full of drugs during his birth. Due to his mistrust in doctors and dislike of hospitals (feelings I share), my husband was on board with the plan to transfer care to a midwife. Through one of the midwives on The Business of Being Born, I was directed to my own midwife and loved her. So it stuck and we went through with a natural, drug-free childbirth and I couldn't be happier with my choice. My son was born beautiful, healthy and alert. He did not ever get jaundiced and didn't lose an ounce after his birth. I'm actually quite excited for the homebirths that await us in the future.

My JustMommies home is the January 2009 Playroom, but I hang out in Baby Names, Homebirth, Love and Sex, Married Life, Twentysomething Mommies, Plus-Sized Mommies, First Time Mommies, Tattooed Mommies, Moms of Boys, Entertainment, Intact Care, Attachment Parenting, Infants, and Atheist Mommies boards as well (I may also hang out in other boards that I can't think of at the moment). I tend to drop in and out of most of the boards, but wanted to say hello and introduce myself here.

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