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May 3rd, 2009, 07:11 PM
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I just read this in another post today (not quoted, but similiar) "I'm due July 10th, but I'm getting induced July 9th if my baby doesn't come before them. I want to enjoy my labor, so I plan on getting an epidural as soon as possible."

Why they heck are doctors inducing a day before a woman's due date, with NO medical reason? What the heck is the birthing process coming to?? How many women actually go into labor spontaneously before then...not many!

What is all of this coming to? We've cut out the natural process of labor and delivery completely. Inducing women, every woman thinking that an epidural is the only way to "enjoy" your labor? Maybe we should just schedule a c-section for every pregnant woman. Or why don't we just completely take sex out of the conception process too while we're at it? It's getting ridiculous...I worry about what it will all be like in 50 years.

I know we have a million topics like this, lol I just needed to vent!
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