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May 4th, 2009, 05:30 AM
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It is soooo frustrating, and I see it at work too.

Saturday at work, one of the massage clients congratulated me on my pregnancy (i guess this was the first time she noticed, lol) and asked where I was delivering. I told her the Birth Center and she was so excited. She is a L&D nurse at a big local hospital. The c-section rate at her hospital (and most in our area) is over 50%. She said she is planning on going to midwifery school after finishing her BSN and that she gets really sickened by how things are done in L&D at the hospital. She said she gets so upset with first time moms and all the interventions and inductions and the high section rate because of it. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be like minded in my thinking and pro NCB and work in that environment. Obviously, she loves being there for the birth and supporting the mom, but what she sees just really upsets her.

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