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May 4th, 2009, 05:36 AM
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I did email the webmasters & no pics are currently on the site (other than the one that was there before I took it over but this image will change once I get some pics).

Okay, if you wanna check it out, here it is... Concrete Artists Home but go easy!

Also, it is done using templates (& honestly, I don't really like it... it's just stale & I would really like to add cellpadding to the tables but can't figure out how to do get to the HTML code with the SW that I am using) but I spent last night re-designing it from scratch in notepad (which is what I really want to do anyway) & so far like that design better (& I'm more proud of it). Oh, & I used Adobe Kuler to find a color scheme, Kristina! I wish I could share that re-design with you but not really sure how other than to post the code. If you wanna check it out you can copy it in notepad & check it out (BTW, this is only the home page)...

<!-- Wine Ruby color scheme -->
<title>Concrete Artists</title>

<style type="text/css">
body {background-color: #8C5627}
td {font color="#D99F6C"}

text-decoration: underline

background-color: #D99F6C

font color="#D99F6C"
font-weight: bold


<div align="center">
	<table class="left_nav" bgcolor="#610C07" width="80%" align="center" style="border: 2px solid black;">
          	<tr><td align="center"><font color="#D99F6C" size="6px"><strong><div class="underline">Concrete Artists</div>
				 	<font size="4px">Central Alabama's first decorative concrete contractor!</strong></font>

	<table width="80%" style="border: 2px solid black" cellpadding="3">
			<td width="25%" height="356" align="top" valign="top" bgcolor="#610C07"> 
				<table class="left_nav" bgcolor="#610C07" width="100%" style="border: 0px solid black;">
          				<tr><td valign="top" style="background-color:#D99F6C; color: #610C07;"><b>Home</b></td> 
          				<tr><td valign="top" style="color: #D99F6C; background-color:#610C07" onMouseover="'#D99F6C';'#610C07';'hand'" onMouseout="'#610C07';'#D99F6C';'hand';"><b>Services</b></td>
          				</tr><tr><td valign="top" style="color: #D99F6C; background-color:#610C07" onMouseover="'#D99F6C';'#610C07';'hand'" onMouseout="'#610C07';'#D99F6C';'hand';"><b>Gallery</b></td>
          				</tr></tr><tr><td valign="top" style="color: #D99F6C; background-color:#610C07" onMouseover="'#D99F6C';'#610C07';'hand'" onMouseout="'#610C07';'#D99F6C';'hand';"><b>About Us</b></td>
          				</tr></tr><tr><td valign="top" style="color: #D99F6C; background-color:#610C07" onMouseover="'#D99F6C';'#610C07';'hand'" onMouseout="'#610C07';'#D99F6C';'hand';"><b>Contact Us</b></td>
			<td width="80%" valign="top"><div align="left"> 
        		<div class="background" align="center" style="border: 2px solid black;">
				<p align="center"><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="3px" color="#610C07"> 
					Welcome to Concrete Artists, where we specialize in engraving, staining, polishing, and sealing of your interior and exterior concrete 					surfaces.  Concrete engraving is an innovative process that transforms ordinary concrete into a beautiful piece of art.
					<br> <br>
					<b>What is concrete engraving?</b>
					Concrete engraving is a process that cuts a design or pattern <b>into</b> existing concrete, not on top of it.  It is guaranteed to last 					the lifetime of the concrete and is easy to clean and maintain, using mild detergent and water.
					<br> <br>
					We can engrave custom one-of-a-kind designs right into your concrete or transform it into the elegant look of brick, tile, wood, or 					stone.  Concrete engraving not only enhances the beauty of your home or business but it also increases its value.  We work on 					residential, commercial, or sports floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, among many, many more.  We can create school logos 						or any other personalized design to meet your needs.



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