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May 4th, 2009, 06:29 AM
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She carries such a heavy heart, her tears will often flow,

Seems everyone's avoiding her, seems no-one wants to know!

Her grief she carries all alone, nobody seems to care,

Or help her ease this burden, this burden she must bear.

Her baby has just left her, but where, where did he go?

Why did he have to leave so soon, and will she ever know?

A mother's grief's a lonely path, she only wants her child,

For other's understanding, their love, if only mild!

To talk of her lost baby, acknowledge her real pain,

To tell her life will soon be bright, she'll see her child again,

For he has gone to Heaven, an Angel up above,

Where there's no tears or dying, just great eternal love.

Try understand this mother's grief, praise God it was not you

That lost your precious, wanted child, for he was wanted too!

No Longer TTC..Eight Year Is Enough TTC For Me...I m 40 And I ll Wait For GrandKiddies

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