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May 4th, 2009, 06:44 AM
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Just Say "I'm Sorry!"

You don't know how I feel

Please don't tell me that you do

There is just one way to know - have you lost a child too?

"You'll have another child!" - must I hear this each day?

Can I get another Father, too, if mine should pass away?

Don't say it was gods will.

That s not the god I know.

Would god on purpose break my heart,

Then watch as my tears flow?

"aren't you better yet? "

Is that what I heard you say?

NO! A part of my heat aches -

I ll always feel some pain.

You think that silence is kind,

But it hurts me even more.

I want to talk about my child

Who has gone through death's door.

Don't say these things to me,

Although you do mean well.

They don't take the pain away;

I must go through this hell.

I will get better slow but sure -

And it helps to have you near.

But a simple "I m sorry you lost your child" Is all I need to hear.

No Longer TTC..Eight Year Is Enough TTC For Me...I m 40 And I ll Wait For GrandKiddies
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