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May 4th, 2009, 09:43 AM
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Sorry I wasn't around much at all this weekend we were super busy. Saturday we did running around during the day and then had our friends Buck and Doe that night. The Buck and Doe was outside so it was a little cold, but it was still fun they did a dunk tank with the bride and an egg throwing thing with the groom. Ethan was at my moms while we were at the buck and doe!
Sunday we had the Hike for Hospice and that went great too! The fire fighters that were there just in case gave Ethan a little plastic fire hat and also let me take him up into their pumper truck. Our 5 person team (Carolyn's Crusaders) Raised about $1100 total, we each got a T shirt for participating, and with what we raised we got a team prize of a blanket. They had a ceremony before the hike which mentioned the patients who passed in the last year (So MIL was mentioned) we ended up doing a 2km hike and after the hike they had hot dogs, pop and cookies. In total the Hike raised around $106000 which is great they are a non profit organization so are dependent on the hike, donations and Volunteers they are not funded in anyway by the government. Eric and I both ended up with a a mild sunburns on our faces and arms, Ethan did not get one (he was the only one with sun screen on). Then after the Hike we came home put Ethan down for a nap and Eric and I had one too lol. We then received a phone call from FIL asking if Eric was available to help change the front brakes on his Van so of to his house we went about 40 mins away from us. FIL bought us supper in exchange for Erics help lol. I went grocery shopping while they worked on the van. We got home late both Saturday and Sunday night and I am super proud of Ethan cause he is not used to staying up past his bedtime and he was a trooper through it all! Thanks for listening to me ramble about my weekend lol.


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