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May 4th, 2009, 02:24 PM
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So one of the night guys Eric worked with..he was laid off like 2 weeks before we went away..went back while we were gone and they laid him off again today..
So needless to say we have little confidence in that place.Eric applied for a listed job at a shop about 35 minutes from we sent off his resume today..he will call them Wed. We decided on a pay rate that would be the minimum he could go for; would be less than what he was making, but more than unemployment..and it would get him working sooner I hope then trying to wait to find a job for the amount he was making. It sucks to think we may have to take $4 an hour less..but it's still better than unemployment. I'll definitely have to work too but that's ok.. I don't stay home because I won't work..just haven't had to since Ziah was born( i worked full time up til then).kwim?
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