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May 4th, 2009, 03:35 PM
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lmao love these! SO totally have to say that yes I knew who Gambit was but I am an X men fan super hero comics are great so all the movies out right now (Ironman, X men, Hulk etc... love them haha)

Eric and I are huge fans of thunder storms to we love to sit on our balcony and just watch the lightning.

I to will confess that we're a family of spot squeezers too, I can't stand to see black heads or even white head just sitting on DF back or face whatever it just has to go (how embarrassing but at least we're not alone lol)

Hmm now something else oh here we go something absolutely strange that I do once and a while is out of laziness I guess, when I should just give one of the cats a bath cause they have poop (lol) stuck to their bum I will half the time just grab a baby wipe and try to get it off that way first. oh boy do the cats hate me for that but you'd think they would at least be happy they are not getting thrown in the tub.

I hate messes so the apartment in general I hate when its a mess but I also hate cleaning up after Eric who is a grown man and can do it for himself but he doesn't cause he knows I will. (I actual with hold sex sometimes outta my frustration for his uselessness I hate having to bicker at him to do it himself).

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