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May 5th, 2009, 09:22 AM
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So you know how we all use abbreviations on JM? Like:

LO (little one)
DSS (darling step son)
DSD (darling step daughter)
DH (darling husband)
SO (significant other)
SN (special needs)... etc...

I use the the abbreviations for all my boys b/c they are all in a different category,
LO is almost 16 mos., he's Teighan
DS is almost 9, he's Dominic
DSS, is almost 12, he's my step-son Jacob
SN, Cooper, he is my special needs now 3 year old son.

No biggie to use these abbreviations, right? It's how we determine whom we're discussing, right? It's not a negative thing to say SN, or is it? I used "SN" on another board & got "attitude"... from someone who doesn't have an SN person/child & obviously isn't understanding. They made me feel like I was being rude by saying that my DS was SN, it's not that I am being rude, it's how I tell people WHO I am talking about b/c I have 5 men in my life, 4 children & 1 adult male/DH. KWIM?

Have you ever posted on other boards & used SN & people say something like that to you?

I don't like to "single out" Cooper... it's not a negative thing to say SN child. It's just how he's "labeled"... sure, it's a label but it's accurate, and it's not as though I say "my special child" all the time & ramble on other boards about Cooper, I don't. In fact, I never really talk about it b/c they do NOT understand & get "it"... usually normal like others in my life, strangers, family etc.

Sorry, super annoyed that someone made me feel this way at the start of my day. It wasn't the basis of my original post & they made it out to be as though I was LABELING my child on purpose for the "poor me" response. I don't do that, I NEVER do that & I resent people who try to make it out like that.

I treat Cooper like everyone else, obviously he requires different things/needs, but I love him just like I love everyone else. I don't label him because I think he's not worth as much.



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