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May 5th, 2009, 06:09 PM
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Thanks everyone. Sacha - you'll know if you have contractions like these But don't worry that you aren't having them, I had almost none with Cori. This pregnancy is SOOOO different from my first. And, yes, we are waiting on Juliana.

Cori is doing great. She seems to be getting excited, talking about how the baby will play with her and whatnot. She will probably be a bit disappointed with how little the baby will actually do. We asked her when she thinks the baby is coming and she said (with quite a bit of certainty for a 2 year old), "Wednesday, 13th". I laughed, knowing that June 10 is a Wednesday and told her that the 13th isn't on a Wednesday. She stuck to her guess. Later on, I was thinking about how NEXT Wednesday is the 13th!! Let's hope my 2 year old isn't psychic!

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