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May 6th, 2009, 04:54 PM
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i guess there's a few issues going to happen.

Yes, bub will be in with us at first - wouldn't have it any other way.

I also do family day care (child care from home), so will need somewhere for bub where he/she won't be disturbed by other children.

Until last Christmas time (so five months ago), the boys did share a room as we only had a two bedroom house - we had an extension put on, and were able to change a couple of rooms around and gain a third bedroom.

I don't think eldest will go away to soon - we're in Australia and things are a little different as far as schooling. He hasn't even mentioned Uni, and there's one only half hour away if needed. We'll be pushing him to get an apprenticeship when he finishes school in Oct.

I guess it's something to work out down the track. Was thinking of putting bub in with eldest and keeping (their) room separate from day care. At the moment I use this room for bubs in care - which is only 3 days a week. The youngest sons room is used for day care as well, but this is for the toddlers or pre-schoolers to nap in, so no cot, just sleep mats on the floor. This way I can keep all the day care kids using his room when he's not here during the day (away at school)

Not sure how eldest will cope with a bub in his room, but can't see other options, don't want to put the day care kids in bubs room if can be avoided.
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thanks ~Vicki~ for this amazingsiggy.

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