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May 6th, 2009, 08:21 PM
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So why don't I feel happy about it? I just feel like a failure because he's only about 70% breastfed anymore, 30% formula. My pumping is slipping further still. Today I barely got 10 oz out of 4 sessions. As I type this, Toby is curled up by my side, nursing himself to sleep. I'm terrified of losing our nusing times together. We've made it 8 months. 3.5 more months of pumping, then he'll be with me at my school. Please say I can make it!
You can do it hon!!!

The crazy thing about breastfeeding is how insane the conditions to make are. I'm so proud of you for pumping ~ pumping is the WORST! You're doing so awesome by sacrificing so much to be here. (Many women can't do it because it's just too hard.) My hats off to you and I salute you girl!

I bet you'll be in the BPOY board before you know it.


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