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May 7th, 2009, 02:19 AM
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Hey! Sorry to sound like a broken record (if you read my other posts! ) but maybe you are one of the ones like me that can benefit from vitamins? If your daughter has stopped night nursing but your AF is still staying away then taking Agnus Castus (aka Vitex) can help bring your cycle to order. Do some research - lots of women say it brought back their AF. And for some it can lesson milk supply (although info on that varies). It is listed on Kellymom as safe whilst breastfeeding although one of our chicks here tried it and said it dried her up totally! She is ok now. I have been taking it for about 5mths now with no decrease in supply - I take it not for AF but to try to decrease my prolactin levels and heighten my progesterone to correct a luteal phase defect. It does increase my progesterone (I chart my temps) and fertile cm and also lessoned PMS symptoms. But taking B6 200mg has fixed my luteal phase defect. Perhaps B6, maybe just starting with 50 mg, could help you?
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Seperated June 2010 from my husband. One daughter DOB 26/07/2006. BFP 06/01/2011, due september but 'high risk' for premature birth.

Hi. Im Jolene. 31 years old. I suffered three years of a short luteal phase and didnt think I could get pregnant again without medical assistance but fell pregnant by accident and naturally. I am really happy and excited to be having a baby although knowing Im going it alone this time is a bit daunting and scary!
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