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May 8th, 2009, 05:51 AM
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It's amazing. Two days ago I was having a few BH contractions a day and could only notice the tightening but really felt nothing at all when they happened. Then yesterday I had several hours of regular contractions with no pain and maybe just a few that were uncomfortable. I had two pretty intense contractions last night that hurt mostly in my bladder, making me realize I really had to pee. Then I woke up like 15 times last night to pee and had a BH every time I got up to go pee. I'm still having them this morning, but again with no pain. It's just crazy how one day I had absolutely nothing going on and now they are coming more regularly like this. I certainly don't think I'm really near going into labor or anything, it's just soooo early but it's still kind of exciting I guess.

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