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May 8th, 2009, 11:26 AM
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Ars Erudio Academy

7- DH and I get up to make coffee
7:30 ish the wee ones get up
8-Daddy is off to work and breakfast time for us
9-school starts with math, then grammar, writing and last history or Science depending on the day
11- lunch, then free time/nap time

This is all with the exception of Wed. during the school year when we have Co-op.

Now the afternoons are fun.....

Monday is Cub Scouts 7 and Tee Ball 5:30 (different kids)
Tues is Piano 3 and Karate 5
Wed is Co-op until 2:30, then Karate at 5
Thurs is Tee Ball at 5:30
Friday is Tee Ball at 5:30

Of course the sport changes seasonly and usually the sport played allows for practice on the same day. They teams were so full for tee ball I had to break them up this time though. Next year we may be dropping Karate and adding gymnastics in its place.

Mom to Talen, Trent, and Thorne

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