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May 8th, 2009, 12:23 PM
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Tree House Academy: Fall/Spring Schedule

We are way relaxed, but way busy.

On a "typical day" (with no activities scheduled), we get up whenever - at least by 9:30. The kids have breakfast while I check the boards, check e-mails, etc.

10ish am, Bryce comes to start school. We do math first - drill and flashcards, go over the lesson and then he gets to work. He sorts his work as to what he can do by himself and what he will need me for, and then gets to work on all that he can do by himself after math.

Meanwhile, Scotty comes in and we do school together. His subjects vary by day and I have the schedule in front of me that we follow. Bryce has his schedule that he follows pretty independently.

When Scotty finishes school (about 1-2 hours), Bryce is usually to a point where he needs my we do that together. Bryce normally finishes school around 12 or 1 and the rest of the day is free for activities, extras, free play, etc.

Through the school year, our schedule is NUTS. With soccer or basketball that runs most of the school year (practicies and games), co-op classes from 12:30-3:30 on Thursdays, Geography classes on Tuesday evenings, "story hour for Scotty on Fridays, playdates with a friend on Mon or Tues, and then anything else that might come my trips to the post office or our trips to the library, then church on Wednesday night.

Through the summer, Co-op stops, as do sports (we pick soccer back up at the end of summer). However, we do start 4-H (Bryce has a Lego class and a Civil War class) and do it through summer. This year, we are also gardening and raising chickens.

SUMMER Schedule:

Currently, Bryce is finishing his two weekd of school (May 15th is his last day of this school year - our 180 days for him). Scotty finished last Friday with "Kindergarten." So...for summer, the kids will do two subjects a day - everyday. We are doing Phonics, Language Arts, Math, Reading, and handwriting. Bryce's schedule varies a bit from Scotty's:


Monday: Math, Pentime

Tuesday: Language Arts, Explode the Code

Wednesday: Writing with Ease (Days 1 & 2), Math

Thursday: Language Arts, Pentime

Friday: Writing with Ease (Days 3 & 4), Explode the Code

Scotty: (he has to finish LLATL Blue...then he will just have 2 subjects a day as well)

Monday: LLATL Blue, Math, Cursive

Tuesday: LLATL Blue, LA, ETC Book 3 (2-4 pgs)

Wednesday: LLATL Blue, Phonics, Math

Thursday: LLATL Blue, LA, Cursive

Friday: LLATL Blue, Phonics, ETC Online

Both kids read at night before bed. Other than this, our summer days are free. And, of course, when Bryce is with his dad or at camp or something, we don't have school work. Just when they are home and really just to keep them "fresh."

For FUN, I bought CLE's music and art programs to do this summer as well. I plan to do it together with the kids and make it more of a "hey...lets learn about THIS" kind of thing than school work. We will see how that goes!

~Whew! That was probably way more info than you wanted. LOL
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