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May 8th, 2009, 02:49 PM
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ours varies day by day depending on appointments and whatnot.

usually I get up at 8 AM and have 30 minutes for "me" doing whatever needs to be done before the kids get up.

David gets up at 8:30, makes his bed, gets dressed, and has breakfast. He does his chores. Melanie gets up at 9.

By 9:30 David is done with chores and Melanie is dressed and eating. We start David's math and he usually tells me "mommy, I can do this myself". once math is done we start language arts and phonics together. Melanie likes to join in for this. After this we break for morning snack. Melanie likes to help make snacks and David likes to play with Joey during this time. After snack Joey takes his nap and David and me do either science or history. I leave music and art up to him. by the time we finish history or science its time for lunch and David helps make lunch.

However on Wednesdays we go to clinic labs (this is changing though) so David does what he can and wants to do while I am at labs and Daddy is home and we do the rest when I get home. Starting in 2 weeks though I will draw labs myself and just drop them off up the street from us, so we'll be more "normal". Some thursdays we have to take lessons with us to Joey's chemo appointment. And this monday we are going to turn Disneyland into a field trip (we've found a way to make it "educational")
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