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May 8th, 2009, 05:53 PM
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well I am ashamed to say we've not gotten back to much structure since vacation..with all the stuff that we've dealt with since we got just hasn't happened.

BUT this is or normal routine.

I am up at 6am to get Noah up,fed and off to school.

We ones are now up sometimes between 8-9. I typically like to get seatwork out of the way.. BUT well..that dones't always happen before we head outside..or to activities..we sometimes do night school ( after 7pm).
On a good day though lessons are done by11am..then we are outside or on nature walks or whatever.
for extra stuff..ack

Mon~acrobatics for Declan at 3:45
Tuesday~Karate for Noah at 6:15
Wednesday swim for Ziah and Declan at 4pm
Thursday Dance for Ziah at 10am,Karate for Declan at 5:15 and karate for Noah at 6:15
Friday Karate for Noah at 6:15.
Saturday dance for Ziah at 9,karate for Declan at 9 and karate for Noah at 10.

add in junior youth group for Noah 2 friday's a month and senior youth group for him 2 wednesday's a month.

for the summer we will be adding in dance for taejan..but there are only classes for 4 weeks total for a small break. Oh and I will be watching a friends kiddo everyday all summer long and then after school everyday and on half days,days off etc during the school year!

Oh and they go to bed between 7:30-8:30 during the nicer weather..
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