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May 8th, 2009, 07:21 PM
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**borrowed from MrsStuartD**

Test for Bladder Control

1) Does he/she urinate a good deal at a time rather than dribbling throughout the day? _____
2) Does he/she often stay dry for at least one hour? _____
3) Does he/she appear to know he/she is about to urinate as indicated by his/her facial expression or by special postures that he/she adopts? _____

Physical Readiness

1) Does he/she have finger and hand co-ordination to pick up objects easily? _____
2) Does he/she walk from room to room easily? _____
3) Does he/she wet each time he/she laughs or cries? _____


1) Does he/she go to the same spot to wet? _____
2) Does he/she tell you about wetting after he/she does it? _____
3) Does he/she get a faraway, dreamy look just before wetting? _____
4) Does he/she stop what he/she is doing for a short time before wetting? _____
5) Does he/she change when wet without anyone's help? _____
6) Do you find that he/she stays dry all night? _____

Instructional Readiness (indication for readiness of self-initiation)

1) Can he/she show you his/her nose? _____
2) Can he/she show you his/her eyes? _____
3) Can he/she show you his/her mouth? _____
4) Can he/she show you his/her hair? _____
5) When instructed, will he/she "sit on chair"? _____
6) When instructed, will he/she "stand up"? _____
7) When instructed, will he/she "walk with you to another room"? _____
8) Can he/she imitate simple tasks (such as play patty cake)? _____
9) When instructed, can he/she bring you a familiar object (a toy)? _____
10) Can he/she place a familiar object with another (put the glass on the table)? ______

Not ALL items need to be checked off to know if your child is ready for toilet training. 50% or more is a good sign that your child is ready to start the beginning stages of potty training. That is going to the washroom to change diapers. Have them sit on the toilet (clothed). Baby steps first and go with your child's cues.


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