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May 8th, 2009, 06:29 PM
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I will not be getting tested. Basically you have a VERY VERY slim chance of passing it on to your baby, and of those who get it, very few have serious complications from it, but it does happen. Another thing to keep in mind that testing positive one day doesn't mean you'll have it at delivery and testing negative doesn't mean you WON"T have it at delivery. There's no real way to tell for sure.

Here's treatment info from my midwife:
options are:
1. antibiotics during delivery
2. oral antibiotics taken the last few weeks of pregnancy up until labor starts
3. Alternative treatments (herbs and homeopathic)
4. Chlorhexidine (surgical wash proven effective against strep) used as a vaginal lubricant during delivery

no details on the herbal remedies (I'm sure she'd go over them if the situation came up).
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