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May 10th, 2009, 02:28 PM
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No I didn't. I am leaving it up to my DH because I am tired of doing things like that anymore for his mom. Last week he called her on her b-day and had the kids leave her a b-day message since she wasn't at home and he asked her to call when it was good for her because our oldest wanted to talk to her but she never called back so he called back and left a another message the next day and still nothing. Before I would bug my DH to call but not now.
As for pictures, she asked me to send some over email which I did and I asked if she wanted me to change the size because she has dial up and she said no and asked for more so I sent more and then she emailed back saying from now on she would delete any email from me with an attachment because it took to long to load, this was months ago though.
mom2nate-- i bet that drives you crazy!
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