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May 11th, 2009, 06:11 PM
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We are very loose with grade levels here. Declan skipped K all together.. then only did a small amount of 1st grade stuff before he started 2nd.. if he was in school he'd just be finishing up 1st grade..but here at home 90% of his stuff is 3rd grade. He loves saying he's in 3rd grade..I have found NO con to this honestly. I do think he will slow done some and not fly thru the 3rd grade stuff as fast as he did 2nd.

Neither side of our family is overly supportive of HSing. Eric's mother refuses to acknowledge they are even HS'd or doing well and MY mother likes to compare them to theur cousins in PS in Michigan and tell me all kinds of crazy things about ALL the HSer's SHE knows of ( ya know..every bad thing anyone can think of about HSer's..apparently my mother knows all these terrible HSers @@)..

anyway..I really think letting kids work at their own pace rocks..Ziah's pace is much slower than Declan but if she was in school I would not have put her in K this past Sept like all her peers because of her Oct b-day..she could have but I wouldn't have.,. but at home she got to be in K and did just fine!
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