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May 12th, 2009, 07:33 AM
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I hate to bring this up again. I am questioning whether or not you can still bleed ever so slightly and be pregnant with the mirena in. I'm still getting the morning sickness and tons of others symptoms. I have headaches which were tradition with my last two pregnancy's. breasts are a little more tender, fatigue, and so on. it didn't seem like a period, and it was like 10 days of spotting or something. my periods in the past were 3 days of regularity. I know IUD can cause a different period and maybe that's what it was. I just feel concern. I'm also bloated and look pregnant. I took a test about 3 weeks ago and it was negative...i just don't test those.

i know i'll hear the "go to the doc" and i should, i just can't take off work right now. i have court friday and that's all the time i can take off right now.

just curious if anyone here can offer feedback.

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