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May 12th, 2009, 11:21 AM
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Time for the new picture girl ish game to add some more fun to the otherwise somewhat stressful board
This one is called a day in the life of.....
I found out about this game courtesy of Isolt in the Cloth Diapering board and I am going to ask her if its ok if I add the link to her day in a life post so you all get a better idea of how it works (She said absolutely so link is below)
So how it works is You take pictures throughout your day and then the next day or so after you upload them you then write a little blurb explaining each picture and the time is was at etc... I will be doing mine sometime this week probably the weekend though so it can be a bit more exciting lol!

Here is the link that Isolt has gladly allowed me to use so you can really see what its about! (A Day in The Life of Kim and Fletcher. Part 1.)

So let me know what you think and then I will start a sign up sorta thing if a good number are interested in doing this!

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