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May 12th, 2009, 12:37 PM
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I was doing research on more gentle birthing suggestions, and decided we really want to wait until the cord stops pulsing before cutting, as well as no vitamin K shot/HepB vax and we are refusing any non critical newborn care ( read: baby will stay with us thank you!)

I know the hospital feels strongly about many of these "policies" and we may run into a little nastiness, so we are looking for a nice polite way to let the staff know our wishes. My midwife advised not to bring a birthing plan, as it seems to set the hospital staff up to be argumentative, and we don't really want that. She said I may make one for them however, and they will try to assist us with our wishes. We also have a doula that is on board and is our second set of eyes and ears ( aside from my husband) to make sure we get informed consent for any procedure- this hospital has a great rate of "whoops, didn't know you didn't want that treatment" when it comes to deviations from the standard policies.

So what is a nice way to let people gently know we would like to deviate from the "policy", have different ideas for our baby, and want to care for our infant as much as possible by ourselves?

PS- I really wish I had found a midwife to do a homebirth now, I never realized how tough it could be to -heaven forbid- have a natural childbirth in a hospital!
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