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May 12th, 2009, 04:19 PM
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Im a RN on the mommy and baby floor. They should give you a form and ask you prior to doing anything. I ask all my patients about the vit K, eye stuff, hepb, bloodwork for state screening and dye on the cord along with anything else that comes up. If you don't want any of these we have a form for you to sign. Also i tell ypour pediatrician you don't want the hep b. We can't give it unless the doc orders it along with verbal consent from mom. Your nurse should be advocating for you as well and keeping you informed. At my hospital the policy is to keep the moms with babies at all times as well. Just tell them your wishes. You may have to repeat them if they don't get passed along though. ie you deliver on one floor and transfered to a mommy baby unit.

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