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May 13th, 2009, 06:48 AM
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Thanks everyone! I have heard about the treats and was bringing brownies and coffeecake too! ( But mine will be purchased I think!)

We are going to try and keep the baby with us at all times, and to my knowledge the only time the baby physically has to be away is for the newborn hearing test, and I am searching now to see if that can be done outside of the hospital at a private practice just to avoid someone removing my baby from us so soon. We are also hoping to shorten our stay in the hospital by offering to bring the baby to our family practitioner ( who is affliated with the hospital anyways, same electronic records) for PKU, one of the screenings we are okay with as we can request veinipuncture instead of lancets for the bloodwork and I can hold my baby when it happens there- the hospital gives us no choice with that one.

Hopefully this will all be for nothing and we will have no problems, I just know there have been lots of problems there in the past and it worries me.
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