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May 13th, 2009, 08:18 AM
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i am sooooo sick of that place already!
i had appointment with doc this morning about the pain im in from spd. he decided he didnt think all of it was that and he doesnt want me to take the meds i am as im on too high a dose and it crosses the placenta (news to me, ive been on them since 3 months!) they are not touching the pain anyway so not too hard to stop and better now than baby having withdrawel to deal with!
anyway, he rushed me through for U/S who say baby is big but not big enough to be causing me too many problems (yet!) however she wants me to see consultant again (saw her 2 weeks ago) as she wants me to be admitted into hospital.
so i have another appointment on friday to see the consultant and im hoping that if they do decide im going in that its only for a few days rest (the doc wants me in til baby arrives )
anyway, i will try and keep people updated on what happens when i know but here is my pic of scan today (oh and my baby already has hair, my others were born practically bald!) best not forget to pack babys hair brush

chubby cheeks!


thanks girls.
a slight update, they have today made a decision. i am being admitted into the large aberdeen hospital tomorrow morning they have convinced me to stay for 5 days or so but have made it very clear they will do all they can to keep me there till baby is born.
i will see a pre natal mental health worker (at my request) and physio while i am in there. im sat here in tears as i type this. im being taken away from my children yet again for the sake of this baby.
oh and the call i received from health clinic was due to the fact my blood work showed very low iron levels (which is part of the reason im being admitted)
i will get online whenever i get home but thank you all for caring.
love you all


Friends are the family you choose yourself and I love my JM sisters!

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