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May 13th, 2009, 08:52 AM
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Hi everyone,
I have had a scary morning and am ticked off at the doctors office.
I had a m/c in Aug 2008 and am currently a little over 6weeks pregnant again.
Haven't seen the Dr yet, appt is May 20th.
I woke up this morning with some spotting and freaked out of course.
I got my kids to school and called the Dr.s office when they opened and told them
what was going on. The nurse said to calm down and rest and call them if it got any worse. AAAAHHHH!!!!!! How am I supposed to calm down??? I told her of my earlier M/C and asked if I could get in any earlier. She just said to rest and call if it got any worse.
She said don't worry we will take care of you. I broke down and just hung up.
How can they not take the scare seriously or am I just over reacting??

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