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May 13th, 2009, 09:47 AM
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Well the one con I found is my oldest son was not comfortable with me skipping him ahead a grade level- at least in name. It's okay if he does 9th grade work, but he still wants to say he is in 7th grade. I think part of the reason is he plans on going to high school and can't start until he is actually in 9th grade/14 yr old. Plus he just found the whole thing confusing. He figures his age mates are all in 7th grade, so he should be too (nevermind he is working way beyond them.)

Anyway, the more I thought about that the more it was fine with me. After all, my daughter is in 4th grade, but doing some 5th grade work and some 3rd grade work. But she is still in 4th grade. :-) It just works better that way for us.

If by chance my son doesn't go to p.s. for h.s. and he finishes early, he can go to the comm. college. It really doesn't matter what grade he graduates in. When he's done, he's done.
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