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May 13th, 2009, 02:42 PM
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... if she was in school I would not have put her in K this past Sept like all her peers because of her Oct b-day..she could have but I wouldn't have.,. but at home she got to be in K and did just fine!
This was the same with Scotty. His birthday is September 29th and the cutoff in TN is October 1st. So...he made the cutoff, but he is in 10th% for weight and height...not to mention, he made said cutoff by what...1 DAY? There was no way I was sending him to Kindergarten this year with some kids who would likely be an entire YEAR older than him and LARGER than him. Everyone who sees him thinks he is "about 4." It is maddening. But, I digress. LOL What made us homeschool him is that here we had this kid who was starting to read of his own free will, who was quite obviously itching to LEARN and do things, but who was too young to even go to Kindergarten. When people see him reading to me or when they talk to him (he is VERY articulate for his age...likely because he has an older brother who never shuts up), they suggest to me that he is "gifted" or "really intelligent." Maybe...but I think it is more that he has that one on one with me and was not held to back to the age limits of public school. Of course...looking "about 4" and reading a chapter book doesn't hurt the "OMG factor" either. LOL (Once I explain he is actually almost 6, people tend to say...oh...okay. LOL)

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