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May 13th, 2009, 06:08 PM
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In looking back, the only problems we have had with accelerating are... (my boys are now 9th and 11th grade)

1. My son took Spanish at the Community College his 9th grade year. Some colleges will not accept this even though he completed Spanish 1, 2, and 3 which is equivalent to 6 years of high school spanish. I know the Univeristies are crazy but I still don't regret having him take these courses.

2. Many college like to see 2-4 years of math. My first son took geometry in 9th grade, Algebra 2 in 10th grade and now he is taking Community College courses, College Algebra and Statistics to get his 4 years in. He didn't want to take Trigonometry because he doesn't like math , even though he does fairly well with it.

So, I know for many of you college seems a long way off. I would not hold my kids back but if I could choose something to accelerate, it would be writing. So much of their education in the upper years revolves around writing; organizing papers and analyzing information.

Our favorite curriculum has been Excellence in Writing which can be started on a small scale around 2nd grade....

And for the SIL...I would just politely change the subject after a quick "he's working at his grade level." You can smile on the inside knowing he's well beyond that

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