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May 14th, 2009, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Tara0906 View Post
I saw the post you are referring too. I understood what you said. That post def. had some added 'tude to it. whatever though.. right?

I say Justin my son with special needs. I do that because he is Justin before he is a special needs child. Thats how I look at it, but everyone is different.
Maybe it was more the attitude that irritated me more. I wasn't trying to say " SN child" b/c that's how I view him. It's just b/c I have 4 boys & for typing purposes (shorter), I say DSS (for my step-son Jacob), DS (for my son Dominic), LO (for Cooper who is special needs) & LO (for my baby, who is 17 mos.), then DH for my husband .... I have so many "men" in my life, it's just easier. But in no way do I view Cooper as a handicap kid & that's it. He's Cooper, my son. But he has special needs. I don't tell people "this is my son Cooper, he's special needs"... it's not something I say unless it comes up "or" they ask why he's a certain way etc. "or" if I have to explain to someone WHY we need something special to accommodate Cooper.

Any who.... I guess it's dumb for me to be bothered by it but it was annoying & made me feel like "you don't have an SN child, how dare you tell me how to discuss my child". KWIM? I felt like I was being talked "down" too... like I was being singled out (as usual by some/this/these) persons who always love to single my posts out & make me feel like I said something horrible. And the part that aggrevated me was that I made a post that wasn't meant to talk about my son being special needs at all. It had nothing to do w/ that. But b/c someone asked what "SN" meant, and I responded, I got the "a-tude" from a lovely person who wanted to once again, make my post look negative & horrible, twist my stuff to look bad. I guess it's more my issue w/ these/this person(s) who like to single me out & do that to me. I just don't need to get "a-tude" about Cooper who's been through so much. You can pick on me, but don't tell me about my child, what he needs or how to deal w/ him being handicap, that's not their business "plus"...again, their child(ren) are healthy as horses & have no idea what it's like to walk a day in my footsteps. I am more peeved that I have to explain or justify my actions. I am good parent, a dedicated mother & someone who is sensitive enough to Cooper & protective of him, so to be treated like I am making him to be this cripple who has no other title other than "SN/Special Needs" when that is SOOOO not how I view him, just ticked me off.

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