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May 15th, 2009, 08:44 AM
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I think you could probably start to transition him - just give him bits of food broken into really small pieces. He will learn to chew them - he might gag a little bit at first...try not to panic! It's kind of scary but they figure it out. We did the puffs at first, and then transitioned to small pieces of pasta, really well-cooked veggies, banana pieces, and toast cut up into little bites. You can use your purees as a "sauce" for pasta, or mix in some non-pureed fruits/veggies. Sometimes I do part of the meal as finger food and part as a puree (so he gets like, chunks of cheese and meat, and the veggie I feed to him).

There's no right or wrong way, and you'll both learn as you go! Good luck!!

many thanks to trish for this cutest of siggies!
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