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May 18th, 2009, 04:14 PM
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Well we are just casually TTC now. Im not checking anything, Im going by O pains on when I Ovulate. Me and DH BD every other day anyways, so there is really no need for me to temp or check anything to figure that out anymore. It was putting way too much stress on my shoulders and made me obsess. I decided that it was better for my wellbeing as well as that of my husbands if I take the more casual approach. Im putting it in God's hands. When he wants me pregnant Ill get pregnant. Im mad at myself for taking 3 months to accept that I cant control when I get pregnant.

My brother and his wife are trying now. I am super excited and I hope we are both prego at the same time, it would be so awesome for our babies to be so close in age. I dont have any cousins my own age and its sort of depressing, lol.

We are still planning to use the last of the pre-seed this month. I think we are going to start using it on CD 15. I always get O pains so I should be able to tell if Ive O'd and even if not, Oh well, at least this will keep me from obsessively testing like I have been every month. Ive wasted WAY too much money on those tests..

Ive found out I have a Vitamin D deficiency and this all may be a TMI(so dont read if you dont want to know) but. Ive had problems for the past couple years...I RARELY feel like actually BDing. I just do it because DH would be cranky if he never got any LOL. Anyways, I found out that vitamin D deficiency can cause problems like that(along with possibility of preventing pregnancy). Well I started taking Vit D a few days ago, and Ive finally been in the mood for the first time since we were think Ive been going this long. I think I must have had a deficiency this whole time, it doesnt make any sense any other way. Im just glad its figured out, I feel like our married life has finally completely come together. And I dont feel near as cranky as I usually do....Im just glad thats over with..

Poor DH dealt with me for so long, he MUST love me!!

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