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May 21st, 2009, 04:47 AM
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Thanks, girls! Still waiting to hear when my nephew's next appointment will be as the insurance company doesn't want him to see a doc in NC. Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

With us, realistically at this point I don't see us doing the IUI the beginning of this next cycle. DH & I have been researching the different banks, and choosing the donor is taking so much longer then we expected it to. We can search for particular characteristics/ethnicity, but even then we have 100s of profiles to go thru. We're also getting mixed reviews about the quality and customer service. The RE's office cannot recommend one over the other, but the nurse was helpful in giving her opinion off the record. What's funny is that the one she's had the most "satisfaction" from (i.e. getting thing shipped correctly, no hassle in ordering, etc.) is the one that got more negative reviews online. Isn't that funny? There's also the struggle in that the RE prefers I order ICI ready, basically unwashed sample, as the RE's office always does a wash before the procedures. Most of the samples available are IUI ready which means the bank has already done a wash and prepared the sample. If 2 washes are done, the counts are lower and chances of conceiving are lessened. We already need to order 2 vials per procedure as we'll be doing back to back IUIs. And then there is the costs associated with all of this. There are different costs per type of sample (ICI, IUI, IVF), as well as some of the banks charge different prices per education level of donor, vastly different shipping charges, and other misc charges like photo match, donor selection assistance, child photos of donor, medical history forms, etc. Just when I thought my head had stopped spinning, this gets it all going again. DH & I are still 100% committed to proceeding using donor sperm, but we just need some more time to ensure we've chosen a donor that best suits us. It's so much harder then I ever thought this would be . . .

so that's where we at. I'll be living vicariously thru the rest of you ladies for another cycle and hopefully by the time that one ends in later June we possibly may have a positive outcome from our insurance appeal. Keeping all my crossables crossed here . . .

Thanks Jaidynsmum for another perfect siggy!!
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