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May 21st, 2009, 12:22 PM
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What did you say when people started to notice that your LO was smaller than they should be?

I heard someone say about their granddaughter that she was spending all her energy being cute and didn't have any left to grow. That is the best "don't ask me" answer that I have heard.

I used to be the only one that really said anything or noticed that Danny was small, but nurses, friends, and acquaintances are noticing now. People that pass you in the grocery store and say how old is that cutie? You tell them and they just have to say something about how small he is for his age... He is almost two and people say that he looks like a newly 1 year 12-13 months......People never used to notice so I didn't notice as much but now that others notice it makes me more aware of it.
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