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May 22nd, 2009, 08:10 AM
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(((HUGS))) I am sorry AF showed up and your LP is so short again Could you talk to your OB about maybe starting a progesteron supplement after Oing to help length you LP? I have not done this but heard of pleantly who have.

I really hate it when people ask "when are going to have another one?" I had 2 m/c between my DD and DS and while I am very open about it sometimes I just did not feel like talking about it KWIM. And that stupid question made me feel even more like a faluire!

But I will tell you there are 3y between my DD & DS and I LOVE the age difference! DD was fully potty trained, sleeping in her big girl bed, and pretty self sufitant by the time DS finally came along. And she also takes on a nurturing role with him instead of being jealous of him. Hopefully your 2nd will come along right about the same time so DD will be in that same phase.

I agree that it is probably time for a new thremo. And CD1 is a great time to start using it!!! if you switch thermo's mid-cycle sometimes they throw off your temp b/c of the slight difference in the battery life.

How is weaning going with DD? When I potty trained (slight difference ) my DD I promised her she could take ballete class when she could use the big potty all the time. Having a goal at the end of the tunel really seemed to help motivate her. Just saying.

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