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May 22nd, 2009, 09:14 AM
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Thanks for the support. I really don't know what to do next. Was it a fluke? Will my next cycle LP be OK again? I have questions! And I want to see a doc but am afraid they won't understand or support me whilst breastfeeding. If they see that as the cause - and maybe it is but I can't see how when so many others get pregs with no problem whilst nursing - then they won't do a thing. Do I lie about still nursing? But then I'll be scared of them treating me with something unsafe.....

I've read about progesterone cream and also read that it is unavailable to buy from within the UK legally - or not from the docs or something - but is OK to get shipped in from abroad. It is another option - I already spoke to DH about it - but it IS very expensive too and I'm worried about not getting the genuine article from ordering online.

I agree about the age gap. I wanted one sooner of course and we all make the most of whatever age-gap we get, be it close or long, but I do know now is more perfect than if DD had been younger. Stopping nursing is just really hard though. My boobs get so sore now after ovulation that I am ready but she has always been a big booby monster! She has already cut down alot in 5 or so months. She went from 10 times in 24hrs to currently about 4 times from bedtime til morning. I have been preparing her to stop when she is 3 but because of my sore boobs trying to get her to stop sooner. If I refuse the bedtime feed she has a tantrum or stays up really late. When she wakes in the night for a feed and I refuse she either tantrums and hits, kicks and pulls my hair until I snap and shout at her then she wants a cuddle and we lay there for hours and she just talks and is wide awake. Sometimes skips the tantrum but asks for normal milk and a toilet and is restless for hours. After one 'bad' night I'm usually too tired the next to not give in!
I started a gold-star reward chart for her but although she wants the stars its not an immediate reward (as she has to go with no milkies at night but won't get her stars until we get up in the morning).
Today because I am sad and was crying and she wanted to know why I told her that her having milkies is making me sad because she is getting too big and they're getting sore and she said she won't have milkies tonight...but we'll see....when she's tired she forgets everything she agreed to by day.
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Hi. Im Jolene. 31 years old. I suffered three years of a short luteal phase and didnt think I could get pregnant again without medical assistance but fell pregnant by accident and naturally. I am really happy and excited to be having a baby although knowing Im going it alone this time is a bit daunting and scary!
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