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May 22nd, 2009, 09:43 AM
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hmmm...perhaps you could try a new thermometer for this cycle, and if there's no change on the LP, (IMO) I think maybe it's worth speaking to a doctor. He/she may be able to give you some answers or if not, refer you to a fertility specialist? But then there's the cost involved....yeah probably shouldn't lie about BF because like you said they might give you something unsafe..

And I totally get what it's like to try to wean the LO's off booby at night. DD was about 20 months old and still loved booby. When you're tired you just want to SLEEP!!! Don't feel bad about it though hey because there are so many women who think like that! Even now, Eva still sleeps in our bed. If I put her in her own room I don't think ANYONE would get much sleep. I just keep telling myself that it won't be forever when she gets a bit older and more knowing she will learn to sleep in her own bed.
Well i'm off to sleep now!

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